Models for the Real World

May 3rd, 2011  |  Published in Digital Landscapes

By Ashley Pennington

Not all scientists do research in boggy amphibian habitat or old growth forests. For some researchers, working with computer software is just as important as collecting data the field. Northwest foresters are using innovative digital tools to predict large scale landscape changes across time and space. In many cases, computer modeling crunches field data from across a region to help scientists better understand relationships within an ecosystem. In this audio feature, Northwest researchers Miles Hemstrom and Ayn Shlisky describe how computer modeling can help enable and inform better decisions for how we interact with the world around us into the future.

Models for the Real World Audio Story

Miles Hemstrom with the Pacific Northwest Research Station estimates the height of native conifers in a forest outside of Portland, Ore. Hemstrom uses digital tools to predict changes to forests in the Northwest and beyond.














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